Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reign of Terror and Racism at University of Kentucky Medical School

Authored by Lachin Hatemi M.D
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Lexington Kentucky is an interesting city; my adopted hometown; an ever growing college town, full of potential. Surrounded by beautiful and legendary horse farms, it is also home to the 2012 NCAA Basketball
champions: the Wildcats of the University of Kentucky. A team of mostly black college athletes carried the championship cup back to Lexington, an achievement recognized by the entire country and President Obama. Given that the University’s sports teams were not integrated until the late 60’s,
it is worthy of note that of the University’s 8 NCAA basketball championship teams, the 2012 team was the first to have an all African American starting lineup. In the sports arena, UK has seemingly come a long
way when in comes to including African Americans and minorities, and remains a popular destination for black high school athletes.