Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Renaissance Man: Art of LeRoi C. Johnson

By Lachin Hatemi M.D.

A successful artist and lawyer, LeRoi C. Johnson recently debuted his art exhibition, “Electric Primitive,” in Buffalo, New York. LeRoi is a self-trained symbolist artist who can boast several international exhibitions, with his last one in Toronto. His artworks also have been exhibited in the United States, Africa, South America and Europe during the last decade. 

LeRoi’s art includes symbolism that originates from his own life experiences and dreams. His work closely resembles African and South American themes with a touch of modernism. Some of his paintings have political undertones with references to war, President Obama, and religion. Others focus on love, unity and beauty. A major theme is "Colored People ". LeRoi states that we are all colored people whether white, black, brown or yellow. Varied representational portraits of Obama can be seen in some of the artwork expressing contemporary political commentary along with African symbols of fertility.