Monday, March 21, 2016

Sasha Love Higgins: Lexington Businesswoman running for the City Council

                                                      Authored by Dr. Lachin Hatemi

Sasha Love Higgins with Lachin Hatemi
Lexington businesswoman, Sasha Love Higgins, is running for Lexington's City Council. Sasha Love Higgins is an energetic woman with a picture perfect family.

Sasha Higgins immigrated to USA at the age of 7 with his Jamaican born parents. His father owned a trucking company and his mother is a nurse. Parents now owner-operators of a Adult Living Facility in Florida.

Sasha is a general manager in a local Hilton Hotel and her husband works for the Lexington City Government. She is a mother of 2 young children aged 3 and 6, a girl and a boy.

Sasha is running for the 2nd District seat in the Council against in incumbent councilwoman, Shevawn Akers.

Sasha promises to brings entrepreneurship, integrity and empathy to the district. Being fluent in Spanish, she promises to be more involved with her district's rapidly growing Hispanic population. She also wants to bring businesses to her district and create jobs for her constituents.

Lachin Hatemi is a physician in Lexington, Kentucky. His interests include human rights, medical education and interfaith dialogue. You can reach Lachin at 

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Standing with Nancy Jo Kemper who is Running for Congress

Dr. Lachin Hatemi with Congressional candidate Nancy Jo Kemper

Nancy Jo Kemper is a ideal candidate, a pastor, a progressive and a human rights advocate. As a single mother, she knows the difficulties faced by working class and single mother.

I am glad to see her running for congress challenging Andy Barr, who I also know personally. I hope democracy wins in the end of the day. It will be an interesting election, since Lexington is predominantly democratic.

Here is a cool video Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper and Rev. Anthony Everett.

Immigrants find success in owning, operating Lexington businesses - Lexington Herald Leader

Dr. Lachin Hatemi immigrated from Iran and Turkey to become a nuclear medicine physician, start his own global advisory firm, and to get into equine insurance.

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One in six Fayette County residents is from a foreign country. These immigrants come from all over the world for an education, or a job or to join their families here. And they are making Lexington home in growing numbers, according to city officials.
“There are more and more immigrants coming to the Fayette County area every day,” said Isabelle Taylor, who works for the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government in the International Affairs Department.
In 2016, the International Affairs Department estimated that 56,000 immigrants lived in Lexington. The total population is estimated at 314,546, according to the department.
The growth is particularly noticeable in public school students, too. In the 2005-06 school year there were 1,520 non-English speaking students in the Fayette County Public Schools system. In 2015-16, there are 5,605 non-English speakers, an increase of 269 percent.
As more and more immigrants make Lexington home, the number of immigrant-owned businesses has grown. Here are just a few examples of how immigrants are affecting the local economy with their local businesses.

Physician also works in investment banking, equine insurance

Dr. Lachin Hatemi immigrated from Iran and Turkey to become a nuclear medicine physician, start his global advisory firm and to work in equine insurance.
Hatemi, 34, moved to the United States at 17 with his family. He graduated from the University of Kentucky with two degrees: computer science and electrical engineering. He attended UK’s medical school and later finished his residency at the University at Buffalo in New York.


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