Sunday, April 26, 2015

University of Kentucky Lies about Minority Student Data

Authored by Lachin Hatemi M.D.

NAACP asked University of Kentucky officials to release the number of African American students at University of Kentucky College of Medicine, what they got back after a year long struggle was falsified data which was published by the local newspaper, Lexington Herald Leader, without any investigation. University’s legal counsel, William Thro even admitted in a personal email that the data about number of black medical students was false.

Over the last decade, black medical students were specifically targeted by the Dean of Medical School and other administrators. Most of the black medical students were asked to leave the school after couple years and many others were held back in their education.

When blamed for systematic discrimination against black medical students by NAACP and other activists, Eli Capiuloto decided to mislead the general public by releasing falsified information. But this was no surprise to people who knew him.

Track record of University of Kentucky President Eli Capiuloto is self-explanatory; He loves to fudge data about his students and employees.

At University of Alabama, Capilouto was behind an effort to falsify data on a salary study for female faculty members at UAB. The gender discrimination complaint was brought to Capiuloto by Dr. Rosalia Scripa, a professor in the School of Engineering and a former assistant provost at the university. Scripa filed a federal gender discrimination lawsuit claiming she was paid less than male employees with similar duties and demoted after complaining that female faculty members were being discriminated against.

Scripa was a very prominent faculty member, she came to the university of Alabama in 1976 as its first female faculty member in the School of Engineering.

Scripa brought forward allegations about pay discrepancy between male and female faculty members. Capilouto called a meeting with Scripa and told her she was "not well suited" for her job as associate provost and was being removed. She was asked to sign a letter stating she was stepping down for family and personal reasons, which she refused.

University of Kentucky really needs to re-evaluate their choice in their president and his dishonesty with the general public. Institutional discrimination cannot be solved with a leader like Eli Capilouto.

Lachin Hatemi is a physician and a civil rights activist based in Lexington, Kentucky. Hatemi is also the founder and partner in consulting firm, Hatemi & Wallace Consulting. You can reach him at

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